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    How to Solve The Problem of Burrs When Using The Sleeve Labeling Applicator?

    Sleeve labeling applicator are becoming more and more important in today's industry production, and many factories are using sleeve labeling applicator for packaging work.
    The working process of the sleeve labeling applicator is mainly divided into three steps: sleeve labeling, cutting, and heat shrinking.
    So if cutting burrs are encountered during use, it will affect the quality of the product's outer packaging. So how to solve this problem?
    The main reason why burrs appear when cutting labels with the cutterhead is that the blades in the cutterhead are not on the same horizontal plane. The solution is to ensure that the marking sliding blades are on the same horizontal plane.

    It is very important to choose an automatic sleeve labeling applicator with good quality and no faults, so a reliable sleeve labeling applicator manufacturer is the top priority. Before buying a sleeve labeling applicator, you must first understand the manufacturer's strength and after-sales service. Excellent after-sales service can solve customer problems in a timely manner.

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