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    Welcome: Shanghai Suren Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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    About us

    Shanghai Suren Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized  in auto. shrink sleeve labeling machine, heat shrink tunnel etc end-of-line packaging equipment, integrating research, development, manufacturing, sale and service, our company has always been devoted to providing packaging solutions for customers, Located in modern Shanghai city, our company is 50km away from Shanghai city center, convenient traffic conditions and is adjacent to many famous enterprises.

    Establishment in 2006, our company has been devoted to research, development and manufacturing of high-end & heterotype equipment since its establishment. We believe that excellent quality, based on customer requirements with all matters of the heart of the faith, and has a high precision processing equipment and reliable after-service will enable us to move towards the goal of building international brands.

    Our company focuses on research, development and feedback on equipment quality. We have a well-trained, young, cooperative and innovative R&D team and after-service team. We adhere to the behavior rule of “thinking what customers want and worrying about what they are anxious for”. To meet this behavior requirement, we have formulated strict standards to ensure that equipment quality, performance meet our commitment. By keeping to the business philosophy of “sincerity based, customer foremost”, we strive to provide the market with packaging equipment and associated service that meet production need and exceed customer requirements.

    Our company now has formed complete series and core of label sleeving and shrink, including low speed, medium speed and high speed products to meet customer’s demand. We have successfully provided complete end-of-line packaging solutions for such industries as milk powder, beverage, condiments, dairy, edible oil, cotton bud, medical drug, chemical industry, etc. We have cooperated with many famous enterprises such as Colgate, JDB, Wong Lo Kat, JZ Group, Dumex, Beingmate, Guangze dairy, Xiajin dairy, Bacardi, Pigeon, P&G, Cestbon. and so on. Winning trust from customers. We have accumulated rich experience in the industry, and our brand has become a famous brand with the greatest competitiveness in the packaging machinery industry.



    Contact: Wendy Jiang

    Phone: 0086-13482266656

    Tel: 0086-21-33657068

    Email: wendy.jiang@sr-packing.com

    Add: No.18 Changting Road, Fengxian, Shanghai,China